5. How to create good relationships around you.

  1. How to create good relationships around you.

Before an aircraft takes off, they go through a checklist to check that everything works. My recommendation is that you also create a checklist for all the people you want to hang out with or meet.

The video tells various examples of this.

The first best friend is yourself, realities are created from the inside out.

Define what you are looking for and the universe delivers.

Tomorrow comes 4th place on this list. “Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life”.

6. Being Happy. Increase Self Esteem / Self-Confidence, successful?

6. Being Happy. Increase Self Esteem / Self-Confidence, successful?

How to be happy. Create self-esteem and self-worth. That you are an amazing person just the way you are…

Self-worth is one of the most important ingredients in success. Believe in yourself and be responsible for the process of life. This sounds a little silly but the more knowledge you have about yourself, the more self worth you have. How do you work?

Of all the situations you end up in, you can, through self-knowledge, change the outcome in individual situations. By studying yourself and feeling how it feels in the body in different situations, a kind of mapping yourself, you can learn a new behavior pattern and this will give you a different result.

To be happy, in my opinion, is to create small goals in the small and reach goals regularly.

Example: Now I will start my day this way every day for five days and then you start and follow the new morning routine. After 5 days, you evaluate whether something should be added or removed. Every day you succeed you say to yourself: Wow day 1 completed, wow day 2 completed and so on…

Just today I have broadcast live 13 days. Incredible. For 13 days in a row, I have made a live broadcast. I appreciate myself and it makes me want to continue. I say wow every day for every little step I take.

This video is about how to find to be happy…

Tomorrow comes 5th place on this list.

Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life

If you could choose one thing you had to change in life! What would they be?

Here is “Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life”.

Explanation of the subject and my experience of solving the problem.

The further you are down this list, the worse you will feel. In my opinion… But there are scientific studies that back up my facts in this list.

10th place: Find inner peace.

Inner peace, What is it?

The video tells about the subject and also provides possible concrete solutions to the problem if this is your wish in life.

Tomorrow comes 9th place on this list