The road of life

The road of life, is about what you do with time on the planet Earth.

What passion, is your passion and how does it express your life ..

Artist Mikael Avatar, tells from the heart about a bus driver, who is a mathematician at a high level.

How Mikael Avatar wants to inspire people to do what it has come to earth to do …

How does your road look like? Is it nail-straight, without curves?

Stuart van Alphen has filmed a feature in the video. Driver DroneZone


The school of life

“The school of life”“The school of life” that people are talking about. What does that mean?

We learn from our mistakes that make us grow. Grow to what? New life? Better understanding of our actions that are programmed into our development of a passionate talent. What ever you do, life goes on.
Life never stops. Just ticking. Whatever happens, time is ticking on. Never stops …

So what to do?
When I sit by the sea, it feels like time is standing still, but still the waves roll toward the shore nearly every second …

A music piece usually lasts a couple minutes. An image is perceived within a tenth of a second … but the experience can be for hours. It is as if the image or certain music triggers memories of a bygone era.

We have learned an interpretive system and our mind categorizes different memories in different compartments. Happiness, fun, sorrow, incomprehension. And the more complicated words of sympathy and empathy. Not to mention the parasympathetic nervous system reflexes in the limbic system. …
Oh. The last was perhaps a bit too advanced. Simplified, this means that if you meditate on the beach, it is very likely that you activate the parasympathetic system. In other words, you are resting in any form.

But this is still only a crude explanation for something we do not understand.

It is said that we use 5-10% of our brain capacity. Perhaps it is so that we only understand 5-10% of the brain and therefore we believe that we only use 5-10%.

You may have heard this story before, but I will tell it again:
A professor I have worked with in the 90s said: if you take a foghorn on the concert hall outer wall, while a symphony orchestra is playing and you try to listen through the fog horn if the Violin I is tuned or not. Maybe that is the greatest challenge for some scientists.

This story says several things. Two interesting things I want to highlight, this time:
One, we do not have the right instruments to measure what happens in the body
Two, what does it matter if violin is tuned or not, when we do not understand why we get so emotional when the orchestra plays as a whole ….

Rene Descarte divide the body into different parts that create the medical profession specialties today. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, liver, lung, bone, heart and more.

In a diagnosis, doctors rarely see the whole body as one unit. It’s like trying to find the violin that is not tuned ….
I do not want to insult the medical profession, they do a fantastic job and I would have been dead without them. Several times over …

Writing from the perspective

writing-from-the-perspectiveToday, write a lot of people around the world, on blogs and other media … What could I contribute?


Yes a lot … Most important is that I write from the perspective of how I see the world.

That’s not what I write, it’s about how I tell the story and present what I observe.

We see a film and 99% of all films have the same set-up:
a hint
Hint number two you suspect
Hint three then you know how it is

Classic movie script set up.

What is interesting is that 99.9% of all pop songs on the top 10 lists around the world have the same system, the latest 100 years …

Would you do in a different way as with film hints four instead of three. Then, the film is a comedy, perhaps the purpose of the particular film.

In a music song radio station would remove the part that does not follow the music system.Examples are, you have heard the entire length of the Michael Jackson songs on the radio. Probably not, many of his leave is up to 8-9 minutes in length. …

People expect this way. I can only influence the content. Which musical notes I will use or letters to be written …

Why I do this way? How can I convey the idea I have in my head as it reaches out to people. There’s the rub. The thought in my mind is always perfect, even the thought in your head.

When the conversion is done, a problem arises. When you tell a thought you think, with the mouth, the words, instead of the thought, transfer to another person.

You could see it as different media, radio, television, books, and now social media. You can not physically take a book and put it in a film camera. You could scan in the book and get it in to the internet or talk in the book so the radio can play it …

What you must do is to convert the letters in the book, to photos you can film in reality.

Now when I create art, I can take the idea in my brain, to the form of expression I should have and it will be almost identical to the idea I had.

I have not been making music for 25 years and it shows in the tones that play in my head, that I coulMikael spelar synt hos Barbro juni 2016 (2)d not convert the keys on the piano.

Now, after just a short time I can convert the sounds in my head. So if I’m out and get a melody, I can play it when I get home. It is like a spinal reflex, which is automatic … ..

The same is with movies. I drive past the place and put it in memory and then come and film. I know, the whole scene will look like before I even have a camera in place.

I have been training the brain to transform what I want to create, and quite honestly I do not care if the recipient of what I create are interested. I do it for my sake ……

I write lyrics in my way and I just want to attract people who like the genre that I write. Or the way I see the world and mainly interprets the world that I convert to text.

So you’ve read this far, you are certainly one of them … it does not mean you think everything I do is good. But more how I describe and give meaning to thoughts of your life.

Now for the interesting. If you are attracted by what I do know you people who think in a similar way. If not, maybe you should find such people more. I say this as a coach. For you have read this far and the entire text. Then this is interesting to you ….

Send this text to two / three of your friends and ask them to call you or write private email and tell you: How do they look at the text ….

Then you get answers to whether my theory is correct.

Please feel free to write and tell me. But absolutely not necessary …

I do this for two reasons …

Firstly, I want to have conscious readers, who actually read what I write. Which can also affect me … maybe I write crazy

Last two texts I have laid out.
251 people have come to my blog page “January 20, 1968 born I”
and 131 have come to the “Road to Heaven”

I do not know if anyone read … someone commented. Some liked …
I think this may be due to a technical dilemma between Facebook and blogs.

This is what I want to explore … as I wrote above, I do texts whether anyone reads.
Is there a technical problem, I want to help the reader and make it easier …

Soon I will launch a new page, and then I want to fix this.

Write and tell us if you are experiencing technical problems or other things you want to express …