To take a stand for or against and decide?

To take a stand, for or against, and decide_Thoughts this week …
To take a stand, for or against, and decide? How do I do this?
I have no idea. There are many positions I must do all the time on many things. I try to proceed: What is good for me or in coaching What is good for the client?

By not taking a stand, I take a stand still. I surrender the responsibility to someone else. Or let life control me more randomly if I do not take a stand.

In terms of energy, you lose energy unless you don’t decide. You place the decision unconsciously on a mental shelf where it lies and sparkles just like loose power cords.

When deciding, it is like taking the plug and plugging it into the wall socket and the light is on. Then you see everything much clearer and you do not have to squint with your eyes to see what more decision you will take. You can puff out and the body relaxes.

Perhaps this metaphor can help how important it is to take a decision.

When it comes to making decisions about food, I really try to transfer this to my wife / sister as far as possible. I have a great defense because she is a Chef (even five-star Chef). She knows more about food than me and I have more attitude: Oh, are we going to eat today too …

More complicated decisions, I often must weigh in other factors. Thereafter, a couple of decisions are made and lots of new decisions must be made.


When I moved to Thailand, it’s not just moving.
The cramps in my body disappear, but how to survive in Thailand, legally leave Sweden, state of residence in Thailand and more. My friends, assignments I had in Sweden and divorce me from my wife.

First, I must make the decision to move. You cannot, for example, legally leave Sweden in case I’m moving. You must actually move from Sweden first.

You should decide about “The Core”, the essence first. The main subject where everything circles around.

So what’s the essence of your life? How to Find What’s Essential in Your Life?

Next week I will write about How to find the essence of life …

New start 2018

New start 2018(1).pngNew start 2018

How to Start New 2018?
How was last year? Did you get what you planned?

Every year we have the opportunity to start over. This year will be the year 2018.

Listen to Gary Vee and he said: Motivational videos are “… .t” for people tending to do nothing … after comments “this was good for me today” they still comment after 8 months the same thing without doing anything in between .

He means that if I’m still watching his videos after 8 months, something is wrong. If, on the other hand, I stopped watching his videos and doing what I’m going to do. Where I’ll be is not in his world but my world. You who do not know who Gary Vee is may want to watch his videos, one of the most successful on the internet from business, motivation and more. He is everywhere …. See link in comments

What are your plans for breakthough 2018

What are your plans for breakthrough 2018Breakthrough
2017 is about to end. Plans for next year’s efforts will begin to be planned.

What do you want to achieve?
Are you a person who is waiting for the best opportunity to start your new life or are you a person who just starts your new life NOW?

There will always be circumstances that make you never start. It’s raining today, I’ve got a lot of work now, my partner leaves me, I have no money, next summer, you’ll work better when I moved to my new apartment or any other ideas that prevent you from growing as a human being.

If you want to make a difference in your life next year 2018 and think of the courses I just described. Get a coach / mentor or inspirator. No matter who the person is, just it can inspire you to get a completely different starting point for your new life. Everyone I know has a teacher mentor or coach who creates a platform for their success.
In fact, I have not met any person, which is very successful, without having someone who follows their progress. Imagine a basketball player without a coach or a football player without a coach. Business leader without an inspiration. A mother but newborn baby without a mother who can help.
It may be possible, but it takes a lot more time to clear all the points to reach where you want.

I have several mentors for different things. People I turn to with special knowledge of the subject I want to break through. Without these people, I would be totally lost. Much can I figure out myself, but I need input that I’m on the right track. Chance and fix things on your own are time consuming and usually lead to more questions in my life.

What breakthroughs have you planned to implement 2018?
Write in comments and tell. Maybe I can tell you where to go for the best help …


I've been so lost in my life so many times that I lost counting a long time agoI’ve been so lost in my life and so many times that I lost counting a long time ago.

Lonely outcast on the street, homeless. Without work, without money. Without knowing where to go. Out of plan in life. Angry, sad, badly treated. Sexually exploited, drinking too much alcohol. Fooled in relationships. Excluded from society, expelled from schools for my cerebral palsy. If you know how bad it was.

Today it is not so. Live a quiet life in a different part of the world than the one I was born in. Have people around me who really care about my reality. It has taken time and it was not easy.

Today it is not so. Live a quiet life in a different part of the world than the one I was born in. Have people around me who really care about my reality. It has taken time and it was not easy.

Today, I do not need to fly emotions. Over 20 years since I drank alcohol. Many people look up to me because of all the achievements I’ve made through life. World record. I mean, how many do you know, who had a world record. I do not know anyone … I’ve met people who have had world records, but do not know them.

Writing this because I care about your life. People feel bad all the time in life. But there are ways to get out of there. There is another reality around the corner, just about being able to walk around the corner.

The biggest problem in your life is greatest in your life. For someone else it may be pathetic, but for you, it was now about survival. I knew I had no solution. My solution was found out there and I was looking for people with a solution. There were many different people with many different solutions. I have created my own mix of all the people I met. This has made me the person I am today …

Thoughts on August 10, 2017

Life is not fair

Life is not fairLife is not fair. Sooner or later, we encounter injustices. The question I ask is what can I do now? How can I overcome now? I constantly encounter situations in life that make me feel the feelings of injustice. Memories triggered by previous experiences. Remember when I was expelled from a school because I was CP-injured. Also remember what I thought: I’ll show that they were wrong.

I was training and exercising. 10 years later I was in the para-paralympic. Angry and frustrated why life did not give me justice. Today, I know that when humiliations come into existence, everything becomes easier. Winning yourself is my goal. Win in my battle in humanity’s dilemma. Life takes us to different challenges and it is my job to find the solution. It is like what is the adventure here on earth. Convert all life stages of life into experiences to find happiness and your own path to your own success. Then you can influence other people and make them grow. The day you are free from all adversities is probably the day I stop growing in my life. Hope I will never experience that day …

Mikael Avatar

Motivational videos for success in life

Motivational videos for success in life, intro
What tools are needed to succeed in life? Artist Mikael Avatar makes a series of 12 videos on this topic. Passion, habits, patience, how to take small steps and many other tips on how to succeed in life.
Why should you watch and listen to Artist Mikael Avatar:
He is a master of telling about his experiences so people understand how to move on in life. Former World Record Keepers Long Jump Paraolympic (1996), coach people all life, public speaker for over 25 years and much more.
Mikael Avatar is a maker. In 2009, he moved to Thailand for the pain from shaking under 40 years, taking on the body. He was born with a severe cerebral palsy, in Sweden (1968), died for 45 minutes after childbirth. This has never prevented him from assuming challenges in life. This YouTube channel is about Artist Mikael Avatar’s experience of success and tools to achieve this. What is a human life and how to live a life.

Welcome to the Artist Mikael Avatar world

The road to heaven



Gate to heaven

20 years ago, I chose to walk a new path in my life, just today 20 years ago.
This new way of life, in my life, which may be called the way to heaven. Svenska/swedish, click her

On the wall, in India, 15 years ago, I find writings inscribed in the 3000 year old walls, which describes this. They describe you to go, the narrow road into the unknown, and then you will find your life path.

All other roads lead to misery and despair.

So I’m there now, at the gate of life to heaven?

Absolutely not … do not even have an idea where it is or if it even exists …

20 years ago I was in a house that was not mine. I had lived in me and thought this is life. The dark basement, in the house, I have created in my head was not true. When was the true and everything was my live movie. I strangled the driver, at my train, so I could stop the train of life I was on.


I left my imagination, House / train to find the narrow road to the gates of heaven …

This trip, this road has taken me to many goals and insights. It is said that Thailand is paradise, but a heaven of port I have not seen … but I’ve only been here eight years and not directly looking everywhere …

So the narrow road is perhaps the wrong choice?
Or that I am in a confused state where I think everything could be different.

I see how people are looking and looking for something to hook up life on. External values that should benefit of life revelation.

Some time later discovered that this was not the way, and so change life plan for the seventy eighth time.

My life is in constant change. Not that change is my drug. But that change creates new knowledge and new knowledge to create new experiences. Someone has said that the winner has the most experience.

Maybe I have elite athletic damaged brain, who believe that it is possible to win a life …

Maybe I’ll start looking for a place where there are “least wrong”. For it is wrong everywhere.

Would like to thank everyone who helped me along the way, to find what I am going to find in my life.

The list is long and it would not be right to name names.
When I would write letters of thanks to all who made sure I got six seconds at the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta in 1996 and broke the world record in the long jump, for my injury-class.

The list got more than 150 names when I stopped. I think I would not even have money for stamps to mail them … before the advent of the Internet,  in our lives

To explain, I describe below how I think:
Tyko Johansson may be a person of the crossroads. He got me to run 200 meters on the road Sammakko, in Sweden 1980.

cole-bild-mikaelThe mosquitoes bit and I collapsed in total output and yet I decided to train for the Olympics. It took 16 years before I was in the final of the 200 meters in the Para-Olympics (1996). There, in between all these people on my list of thank you letters I have not posted. Or should I thank my father who hurt my mom so I was palsied and could qualify for the Para-Olympics … .. ???? probably I had been in the regular Olympics unless this happened

If you who read this and understand what a world record, means a person’s life … I wish I could convey this knowledge to all. There is one thing I check off on my list of experiences in my life …… I wonder how many I have left.

Feel good