4. About setting goals 100 paintings 100 Youtube videos

4. About setting goals 100 paintings 100 Youtube videos

Over the years, I have noticed that people set goals and then the person completes 10% and then quits. I made 100 paintings that were a goal, to see if art could become a new passion in my life. If I made 10%, this equates to 10 paintings. This means that I probably did not create a sufficient basis for deciding if this is something for me.

In order to make a good assessment, in my opinion, I need to test much longer. There is talk of 90 days in a row before the brain automates a behavioral pattern.

This video is about implementing your goals to get a good foundation to be able to make decisions if you are going to continue.

Doing the footwork to achieve your goals

Doing the footwork to achieve your goals …

Book time with yourself. Make sure that you are in an environment that is inspiring and that you have to start the journey towards your goal.

When I started to create art, I booked every Sunday at 9.00 to 15.00 in my studio. I wasn’t always able to paint, but I was there between 9-15. This made it possible to create art and after a while the body was set to be Sunday art. So I created art and the goal was 100 paintings. Which I reach after some year.

I placed myself in an environment where you only do the activity where my vision existed. So if you want to train and get fit, the gym may be a good place to be. It will be difficult to stay in a gym 3-4 days a week without training if you understand what I mean…