What illusion have you chosen to live in?

What illusion have you chosen to live in_What illusion have you chosen to live in?

Of the 1000s of people I meet over the years, this question is probably one of the most important to answer and above all make a map of.

Mapping the illusion, you live in is not as easy as it seems. First, I must understand that it is an illusion.

More and more people are beginning to understand that, thoughts govern life. What you think of daily, you get more of. If you think you have a shortage of money, you get more, a lack of money. Are you thinking that you have to solve problems with something, it is as if the problem gets bigger…

So, we listen to any “voodoo doctor”, you know those who seem to have the solution to all the problems of the earth. They tell us to focus on abundance and positivity. Enter your thoughts and see the image of abundance of money or a life of happiness.

So, we start thinking in other ways. A positive life with abundance.

2-3 weeks go by and nothing has happened. We are in the same deadlock, as before the “voodoo doctor”.

So, we stop.

After half a year or a year … the situation is even worse, and we know we must do something. So, we try to find a new “voodoo doctor” with a new solution. We look optimistic about it all and start testing.

The probability that the result will be the same is the next 100% … or more exactly 92%.

You may belong to the 8% who succeed. It is according to research at the University of Scranton. It says that why people fail is because there are no realistic challenging goals and that person does not have someone who can help you get you from point A to point B.

If you have read all this, you have learned to read!
How many hours did it take? Days? Maybe years?
Had we, a chance not to learn to read. I would answer NO. We didn’t have a chance. People helped us bridge the frustration and finally we read …

15-20 years ago, I started to read more in English, I was born Swedish and read Swedish. It was awkward, and I thought about quitting several times. It was too complicated. Tried to find the information in Swedish instead. So, I just slipped and created the illusion that it was not possible.

When I move to Thailand it became more natural with English and I could not slip anymore. I was more and more forced to handle English. Today I write my posts in English because many people who follow me cannot speak Swedish. My English is far from perfect, but I think most people understand, what I want to express.

So, when I lived in Sweden, English was not realistic in the same way as here in Thailand. Here I use English daily and my goal is to reach more English-speaking audiences.

Today I dream in English when I sleep and think English. In fact, find it difficult to find the words in my native language. But it took time and many English-speaking people. I have even written a book in English, available on Amazon to buy…

So, my thoughts have changed completely through the English illusion and I reach a completely different part of the earth’s population … than with the Swedish language

So, the week wonder from your world is:

Do you have a similar story where you lived in a thought path and then changed your mind, so you got a whole different life?

Write a comment and share this illusion text with your friends if you like it…

To wake up and look back at the life …

Artist Mikael Avatar mountain peaksI’m satisfied. or is there more to do …

In a state or condition to be satisfied, something happens, or rather nothing. You have reached a plateau. A straight line where life does not go up or down. No new challenges are on the agenda. Everything just floating on the calm pace and no concern for anything.

You can watch the waves come into the shore … How long you want.

Someone said to me once:
the winner is the one who is experiencing the most things.

According to this theory is straight lines is an experience of many. So when you experienced it, it is time to look new.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have the break from life. The holiday is no such break I’m talking about. A pause so all peace in the body is found in every cell i. Whatever happens, the tranquility of the body.

It is like pouring water on a duck’s back. All situations just runs off.

My experience is that it takes practice to create such a break.

When quiet start to come … many people get ants in their legs and begins wandering about on creating new challenges.

A trend I also experienced, as a coach, is that many people do not climb all the way up to the peak of their potential.

Stop half-way and start to climb another mountain, the beginning of the way up is always easy. The last hundred meters on a climb, you are almost always alone.

There are few people who can follow to the top of your potential.

There is no map or mentor / coach who can give you your interpretation of what you’ll experience last 100 meters to your full potential.

It is only you who can go where. You can inspire other people but just to follow their own path. They cannot climb your mountain, for it is only for you ….

So when you look back at the life you lived so far … Have you mountain peaks to visit still ????

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