Your life story

Your life story.
Have you told your life story?
Today, it’s possible to document your story so people can gain your knowledge forever. Whatever you do in life, people will follow you for your story and what you stand for. I urge everyone to do this.

This week I have posted four parts of my story on youtube.

These miniseries are the stages I’ve gone through and what I learned. Tells me how I was born with cerebral palsy. About the growth, Sport, Paralympic, world record, the move to Thailand, public speaking, Atlantic sailing, cultural differences, my artistic creation and the future what I intend to create …

Part 1. From birth to 1996 for Artist Mikael Avatar.
How living with mild cerebral palsy (cp). How life begins to school, bike, judo, rock climbing, then sport and then para-olympic.

Part 2. The years between 1997-2009 for Artist Mikael Avatar.
Story what happened when I stopped, with the sport. Find a new identity and learn to live in society like all other people. How art came into my life. Public speaking and until my big move in life to another continent

Part 3 Artist Mikael Avatar
The move to Thailand from Sweden. I can not handle the cold anymore in Sweden so I moved to warmer latitude to get rid of cramps.

Part 4. The future of Artist Mikael Avatar.


The road of life

The road of life, is about what you do with time on the planet Earth.

What passion, is your passion and how does it express your life ..

Artist Mikael Avatar, tells from the heart about a bus driver, who is a mathematician at a high level.

How Mikael Avatar wants to inspire people to do what it has come to earth to do …

How does your road look like? Is it nail-straight, without curves?

Stuart van Alphen has filmed a feature in the video. Driver DroneZone


How to be successful on youtube

How to be successful on youtube
3 things I’ve learned so far about: How to be successful on youtube.

1. It takes time before anyone will see what you are doing
2. You have to make many videos
3. You really have to love what you do

I’m at the beginning of my youtube trip. Has 6 subscribers and between 0 and one person watching my videos the first 24 hours. WOW !!!

Swedish/svenska, klickahär.

This is in mid-April 2017.

Reflexes over number 1.

It will take time before anyone will see what you do.

I have received my first two comments.
This after I reboot with making videos on a regular basis.

Since March 26, 2017 I have made 11 videos. It is not much. So in one and a half months I’ve succeeded with 11 videos. An subscriber, 4 like selections, 2 comments as I said and about 270 visitors on my channel.

A famous YouTube profile said that the first 100 days put your youtube channel and it’s only after youtube sees you’re committed to making videos. So my first goal is to see what happens after 100 days. From 26 March to 2 July 2017, it is 100 days.
So time can show where I am then …

Reflections on number 2

You have to make many videos.

Hmmm How many then ??? Many. According to the new youtube algorithm, do something on your channel every day. In my case, I do one to three videos a week and I understand that this is too little. So if you’re committed for the first 100 days, you should preferably make 100 videos. It means 365 videos per year. That’s what I mean with many videos. In my case, not realistic. I secure my ambitions and focus on item number 3 in this video.

Reflections on number 3

You really have to love what you do.
My journey is about to begin and I’m struggling to find my way of expressing my video channel. There are lots of technical challenges to overcome.

Fortunately, there is everything to watch videos. Much investigation of how to do all sorts of things and this really develops my life. It’s fun, frustrating and sometimes even “I give up” … It’s too advanced for my reality.

I love what I do and when I get back to the right choir again. Then I do not see all the impossible phenomena with a channel.
I just feel: So what!
I’m just driving on to the unknown ….

Make this video without having the credibility, because I do not have almost anyone watching what I’m doing. This video is created to understand what I’m getting into and you who are in the beginning can understand my process.

Want to know about youtube on another level Search videos on people who have credibility. What I did to understand how youtube works ..