What is a process

what is a processProcesses
Process = progress, development path, is a process where something changes and is related (source Wikipedia)
Undergoing a process. There is a beginning and an end.
We start big. LIFE
We are born and we will die. Everything in between is a long process.
Studies over a lifetime are what I know the most complicated to do. Say that every person lives on average 60-80 years. This means that following these people over a lifetime requires more than one person. Someone must take over when you die and be able to compile the results. Say you start your studies when you are 20 years old and you will follow the process over 60-80 years. To complete, you must be between 80-100 years.

Let’s talk about more manageable processes:
The process of growing up:
Learn how to go
Learn about cycling
By going to school
Find a profession
Find family life partner
Get retired

There are so many processes we undergo during a lifetime and most of us are not aware.

More odd processes that are popular and we are not thinking is a process:
Find back in life
Movies follow people through a process most often
Breakthrough stories
Succés stories

Where in life are you? What are your processes at the moment. Please tell me the comments below.

Everything is possible motivational video

Everything is possible motivational video

Artist Mikael Avatar tells about opportunities in life. How he got insights on new opportunities when moving to Thailand. When he was going to learn how to ride a bike. Bicycles are not included in the task of life when you are born with cerebral palsy.

12 videos: Motivational videos for success in life

In the week I finished my mini series of 12 videos: Motivational videos for success in life. It’s about different moments of life I used and used to just achieve success in life. The videos are between 4-7 minutes and in total around 45-50 minutes. Still feeling like a novice to make videos, but it’s getting started. Hope someone can suit you:


I've been so lost in my life so many times that I lost counting a long time agoI’ve been so lost in my life and so many times that I lost counting a long time ago.

Lonely outcast on the street, homeless. Without work, without money. Without knowing where to go. Out of plan in life. Angry, sad, badly treated. Sexually exploited, drinking too much alcohol. Fooled in relationships. Excluded from society, expelled from schools for my cerebral palsy. If you know how bad it was.

Today it is not so. Live a quiet life in a different part of the world than the one I was born in. Have people around me who really care about my reality. It has taken time and it was not easy.

Today it is not so. Live a quiet life in a different part of the world than the one I was born in. Have people around me who really care about my reality. It has taken time and it was not easy.

Today, I do not need to fly emotions. Over 20 years since I drank alcohol. Many people look up to me because of all the achievements I’ve made through life. World record. I mean, how many do you know, who had a world record. I do not know anyone … I’ve met people who have had world records, but do not know them.

Writing this because I care about your life. People feel bad all the time in life. But there are ways to get out of there. There is another reality around the corner, just about being able to walk around the corner.

The biggest problem in your life is greatest in your life. For someone else it may be pathetic, but for you, it was now about survival. I knew I had no solution. My solution was found out there and I was looking for people with a solution. There were many different people with many different solutions. I have created my own mix of all the people I met. This has made me the person I am today …

Thoughts on August 10, 2017

Are you happy?

Are you happy_Are you happy?
What is happiness?
Happiness is the dilemma between past experiences, living in the present and what we think will happen in the future.
Live here and now. If you can shut everything out and I mean everything. And is fulfilled in the present. What state of mind do you think you are then?
Sorry, angry, happy, excited, sewing, tilting ….
I think you would feel the feeling of happiness? If you really shut out everything.
So happy, can be experienced in the present. Past experiences also create happiness in the present. The car journey I made and then we arrived at the restaurant where we ate … .. and then I was happy. So we repeat the journey both in the reality of getting in the car and driving there, but we can also do this mentally by thinking about the situation when we were there. What did it smell like, how did the food taste, what was the noise that was heard …
Happy in the future …. How to create happiness in the future. Money allows you to deposit a bank account and withdraw after a while. Happiness can not be saved. Happiness must be created. You need to create a platform that makes you happy. When the holiday comes, when the salary comes, when I finish the book, when I will … then I will be happy.
It’s an illusion. Happy is here and now. I’m happy when I write this. Do not think if anyone is reading this or what people like about this. I just like to write about happiness here and now … It’s the excitement. This was the day little thought. Please write what you think about this idea.

Life is not fair

Life is not fairLife is not fair. Sooner or later, we encounter injustices. The question I ask is what can I do now? How can I overcome now? I constantly encounter situations in life that make me feel the feelings of injustice. Memories triggered by previous experiences. Remember when I was expelled from a school because I was CP-injured. Also remember what I thought: I’ll show that they were wrong.

I was training and exercising. 10 years later I was in the para-paralympic. Angry and frustrated why life did not give me justice. Today, I know that when humiliations come into existence, everything becomes easier. Winning yourself is my goal. Win in my battle in humanity’s dilemma. Life takes us to different challenges and it is my job to find the solution. It is like what is the adventure here on earth. Convert all life stages of life into experiences to find happiness and your own path to your own success. Then you can influence other people and make them grow. The day you are free from all adversities is probably the day I stop growing in my life. Hope I will never experience that day …

Mikael Avatar